A kale smoothie is not going to fix this.

Many of us have been through something huge that is invisible to those looking in from the outside. Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, even those closest to you aren’t able to provide any practical support.

Most people don’t really have the understanding or vocabulary to help someone navigate a mental health situation. I’ve heard so many well-meaning yet completely useless, frustrating, and ultimately infuriating suggestions.

No, fresh air won’t cure a mental health condition.

Taking up bushwalking doesn’t ‘fix’ anxiety.

My work is an exploration of the mind when people offer their unsolicited and ill-informed advice. The titles of the pieces are meant to satirise, but also evoke thought and introspection. The work aims to provide a voice for those who too often are ignored, dismissed, and disbelieved.

Hopefully people will reconsider telling a friend they should try green tea to cure their depression.