Written by my very talented Copywriter husband...

Since Emma first mashed a handful of paint onto paper as a toddler, she has loved creating. Few get the opportunity to turn that passion into a viable vocation, but those who do, like Emma, develop their skills over many decades of learning and practise.

With a Bachelor of Creative Industries with Honours in Fine Painting, and postgraduate Fine Painting study at the Colorado Academy of Visual Art, Emma laid a foundation for a lifetime of art creation. Having worked at Ryan Renshaw Gallery in Brisbane, and then teaching and leading the Art Experience Program at Sydney Children’s Hospital, many years of honing her craft have become her profession.

Exhibitions in Sydney and Brisbane, and volunteering in several Arts in Health programs have exposed Emma’s work to a wide audience.

Her work explores the use of colour as therapy and catharsis, touching on relatable themes and delightful visuals. 

After an accomplished career in education, Emma is now dedicated to creating art full time. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and three rambunctious children.